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Art Canvases

Screen printed art canvases are unique in that they are made using an ancient form of craftsmanship but are extremely reproducible. Artists love this technique as a way to preserve and propagate their work to the masses. A screen printed art canvas can be a great way to reach customers or fans who aren’t able to afford an original painting but want the bespoke quality of a limited-edition run. Fancier and longer-lasting than postcards or paper prints, these are a perfect middle ground for any piece of visual art.

Having a gallery opening? We hope you sell lots of your original works, along with t-shirts, postcards, and giclée or inkjet prints. Consider art canvases as a higher-end item that will leave fans impressed but enough money in their pocket to afford rent! If you’re in a band selling paper posters, consider a ready-to-hang version that collectors will be head over heels about.

We can screen print on cotton canvas or wooden art canvases. Both are ready to put on a wall and are museum-quality.

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