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Apparel Ordering Overview

You get a totally custom and personal product when working with Evan Webster Ink. We love working with a variety of types of customers and will treat you as the unique organization that you are. You get our years of experience to make all the small decisions which will add up to a great product.

Getting to know you. Before making a custom apparel proposal we need to get into your shoes. Here are some examples of questions we ask to get to know you:

  • What matters to you and who is this apparel for?
  • Some people want a t-shirt that is Made in the USA; has full stock in black, charcoal grey, and light blue; and comes in youth and unisex sizing. Others want a t-shirt that is heavyweight, goes up to size 3XL, and is as low cost as possible. What about you?
  • Other factors matter too. Is the apparel going to be resold? Is it just to show team pride or appreciation?Call a helpful human for custom screen printing
  • Do you have specific budget? You’ll get a proposal that takes your budget into account.
  • What are your aesthetic preferences? What colors do you want to use? Is your apparel design finalized?
  • What’s your deadline?

Proposal. After finding out all about your project, organization, and priorities we get to work coming up with a perfect proposal. Your custom proposal includes:

  • Recommended item. We comb through thousands of products to find the one perfect for you.
  • Review of your design. If we notice anything that won’t print well or will add unnecessary cost we’ll mention it.
  • Digital mock-up. This is prepared for you to show approximately how your final product will look. It’s meant to ensure that we’re on the same page as you and avoid all miscommunication that would result in an incorrect final product.
  • Price quote. A price quote and invoice is sent for review. Nothing is set in stone at this point, so if you decide to change your quantities or print specifications we’ll adjust the invoice.

Tweaks and Final Approval. There’s usually a detail or two that needs tweaking. When you look over the proposal mark any items that need clarification or adjustment. We’ll go back and forth until everything is perfect. Once that step is complete, we need three things in order to finalize your order and get to work!

  • Payment. Your invoice is payable by credit card or check.
  • Mock-up confirmation. Just let us know that the mock-up looks good!
  • Size and Style breakdown. If you haven’t told us already, we’ll need your exact size breakdown. If you’re using multiple styles in your order, we’ll need this for each style being printed.

Printing and Delivery. Once your order is finalized it’s time for us to order your blank apparel, print it, and then ship it to you. This all takes around two weeks but rush ordering may be available. We’ll stay in communication to let you know if there are any problems we’re encountering or delays. This is rare. The most exciting time is the end, when you receive your great custom apparel!